What I’m Working On

J P Julians

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Forces follows four friends who try to uncover the thing that killed a young couple. The hunt finds them entangled with someone on a mission of his own, and leads them on a collision course with a man that has the power to change everything they ever knew.

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Sample of Reviews from Amazon

“Rarely do I find a book that can keep me interested further than the first few pages, but Forces hit the spot for me straight away. This addictive novel turns what you think is reality in to a superb mind blast with the twists and turns throughout the story, keeping you baying for more. I am really hoping that the author writes more in this series and will be watching with a keen eye on what he turns out next. If you like the supernatural, then this is the book for you.”

“This book is really thrilling! It’s hard to find something different these days but I found it to be unique, Intriguing and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed this read and am excited for the authors next.
I would thoroughly recomend”

“This book was reccomended to me by a friend, and what a great read. Took on hols and started reading at the airport and couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to more from this author, great first book.”

The Jump

Along with that I also have a short story called The Jump, focusing on mental health. It has been posted on this very site, right here!


“Forces: The Cult of 50” is currenty underway. No release date in mind yet but it’s coming.

I’ve also recently finished another novel called “The Cottage at the Bottom of the Hill” which I am currently shipping around to various agencies. My fingers are firmly crossed. You can read the first chapter of that here.

I’m also working on a supernatural crime thriller called “Ernest”. The first chapter is here if you want to have a read.