I don’t understand America. Growing up, I always wished I lived there. I had an affinity with it, with it’s culture. Everything I watched was American. I even felt as if I had been born in the wrong country.
This is all down to how it’s portrayed. I used to love the show Saved by the Bell. I remember when I started secondary school (high school) being extremely disappointed that it was nothing like Bayside High. For example I didn’t have a friendly principle (or head teacher as we call them)- he was miserable and barely spoke to any of us. But it turns out that shows like this are just a facade. It would be much more lifelike if Screech one day snapped and mowed everyone down in a sea of bullets with an AR-15.

I honestly can’t fathom how anyone can defend the way this country is handling gun control. The argument always circles back to “well it’s the 2nd amendment of the constitution”. So? The word has ‘amend’ in it for fuck sake. Change it. Americans want the right to bare arms and almost always you hear that it’s so they can defend themselves. Fine. I don’t actually see too much (in the grand scheme of things) wrong with a pistol. It can be considered a weapon used for defence, and indeed if someone had one on them at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yesterday, then maybe there wouldn’t have been 17 killed. I see the logic in that. What I fail to see the logic in is why a mentally unstable 18 year old was able to get a semi automatic rifle. Or for that matter, why anyone can buy one of these. That second amendment argument is, quite frankly, bollocks. When that was drawn up, the most common gun was a musket. They would have had no idea what guns would become and if they had, I doubt it would read the same as it does now. But whenever a pro gun person is questioned on this, or asked why certain guns aren’t banned, they have no argument. It’s ridiculous. The question is just dodged. Honestly America, if this wasn’t so tragic, the rest of the world would be laughing at you.

Oh, and stop with the garbage like “this isn’t a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem”. It’s insulting. Mental health is indeed a problem and one that should be discussed, but no civilian, sound of mind or not, should be able to buy a weapon that can kill dozens or more people with one magazine.

I’m glad I wasn’t born in America.