Thanks Matt Damon

Bad Film Day

Don’t you hate it when you line up two movies to watch, you think they’ll both be great, but they both turn out to be duds? Well that happened to me today, and both starred Matt Damon so he’s teh target of my ire.


The real shame is, both Downsizing and Suburbicon could have been great films- particularly the former. What should have been a fun look at what happens when humans shrink down and restart life in new colonies, instead turned into a dull form of social commentary. To be honest, the actual downsizing part of downsizing was largely irrelevant. It was used as a gimmick to kick start the story, but really that was as far as it went. The whole concept wasn’t explored in any way that was entertaining or exciting; it needn’t have been there. What was left was largely uneventful too. This was a really tedious watch which, given the strength of the trailer, is a real shame.



Then there was Suburbicon. I’ll just post my mini review I posted on Smashbomb for this:

Despite a promising and fun fist couple of minutes, it quickly becomes clear that Suburbicon is both a missed opportunity and a jumbled attempt at constructing a story.

On the one hand, we have a black family moving into the area and being subjected to abuse and extreme prejudice, and on the other, a family hiding a dirty secret about a home invasion that led to the death of the mother. The problem is, neither of these plots is given the right amount of attention. The racial story is by far the most interesting here, yet it’s relegated to a side plot and, with the exception of the young boy, none of the family get a chance to develop into actual characters. Then you have the murder story which takes up the bulk of the running time, but it’s neither fresh nor original- it’s actually rather dull.

suburbicon review

Despite being beautifully shot and occasionally amusing (Matt Damon on a kid’s bike), Suburbicon ends up being a bit of a slog. It’s a mish mash of ideas and tones that don’t come close to forming a coherent story. There’s decent performances to be found, but beyond that- don’t expect much.

Speaking of Smashbomb, I don’t know how long it’s been going or how much of a chance it has at becoming a success- but I like it! You can review almost anything there, TV, book, game, film wise and the people there I’ve interacted with seem nice and friendly. I haven’t yet come across a single troll. It’s like a social media for entertainment lovers, so it’s a nice place to go where you don’t have to keep hearing what stupid things Trump has said today. I’m fully aware this last part sounds like I’ve been sponsored to say nice things about Smashbomb- I haven’t. Take a look though if you like. Come say hi if you do join up.