Buffy the Vampire Slayer Filming Locations

Buffy Filming Locations

Running for 7 years and based off of a failed movie, Buffy became a cult phenomenon that is still endlessly rewatchable years later. Here’s some of the most recognisable locations used in the filming of the show.

The Summers House

Located in Torrance, California, the real home for Buffy and Joyce (and later seemingly every character) was used for filming for the first season. Afterwards, a double was built inside and out for subsequent use. This is where the original is. It’s clearly had a lot of growth in the garden to try and make it a little less identifiable as it was in the show.

Sunnydale High School

Only a couple of blocks from the Summers home, the high school is actually Torrance High. It’s perhaps best known for Buffy but there are those who would argue it is more commonly thought of as the school from 90210. They did get it first after all. It’s been used in numerous other TV shows and movies over the years.

Angel’s Mansion

Used as the exterior for Angel’s home in the second and third seasons, this is actually Ennis House in LA.