The Walking Dead Crossover

Fear the Walking Dead Crossover Thoughts

*Casting spoilers for both shows ahead*

I do miss running a website sometimes, one reason is because it can be a great way to vent frustrations at shows I used to love but are now pissing me off. One of those shows- The Walking Dead. I’ll probably do a rant about that at some point in the future, for now though I just want to talk about that announced crossover with Fear the Walking Dead.

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Fear The Walking Dead Is Actually Good Now

Now Fear is a show I quite like now. It’s improved year on year and, for me, its latest season was miles better than anything the parent show has put out for a couple of years now. I may be worried that Scott M Gimple now runs that show too, but I’m still excited for the recently announced crossover between the two shows. Well, I was anyway- when I thought it was Abraham making the trip. Its my fault I guess. I shouldn’t have just assumed it would be him, but to be fair, it was a natural assumption for myself and many others to make. Fear has moved production to Texas, which is where Abraham hailed from. He also mentioned his time with past groups and we have a relatively blank slate for what he got up to before joining Rick and co. Sure we had that one episode that showed him meeting Eugene, but he was by far the most obvious fit to appear. But who do we have instead? Morgan.

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I like Morgan. I feel he often gets the short stick when it comes to the writing, but he’s bolstered by Lennie James who is one of the finest actors the show has. But him appearing on Fear makes literally no sense whatsoever. Worse still, it isn’t needed. We saw Morgan in the very first episode of the show, then again in season 3 when he was minus a son and minus most of his sanity. Are we supposed to believe that in such a short space of time he was able to go from Atlanta to Texas? I mean it’s doable by car, about 15 hours without stopping, but why would he go? What possible reason is there for him to do it? It couldn’t be after that, he was already in calm, Eastman trained, stick wielding mode by the end of season 4, so it has to be these early days. But as I say, it isn’t needed, at least in my mind. We were told what happened between Morgan’s first and second appearance. I didn’t hear anyone saying they wished they seen the gaps filled in on screen because James’s performance in “Clear” was so powerful that it told us all we need to know. We’re now supposed to believe that he had a season (or more) long adventure with Madison and company in Texas before or after he lost his son? I don’t buy it. It seems very much like a poor retcon. Of course, if Fear the Walking Dead pulls a great twist on us and throws in a time jump to catch it up to where The Walking Dead is; well then my interest will be piqued. Right now, this just seems like stunt casting for the sake of it. If that’s what they’re going to do, at least give us someone who will inject some new life into Fear- someone like Abraham for example.

Side note: If Morgan does die at the end of this season, that will be two finale deaths in a row that have been sign posted by casting news.

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What Could Have Been

It all just feels like such a wasted opportunity. If the crossover had gone the other way, there would have been so much more potential. Imagine if Nick showed up in The Walking Dead for an episode or two and acted like a completely different character. We’d then have a glimpse into the future of this character and we could have the fun of trying to work out what changed him and how he ended up there. He could drop hints about what happened to his family and we’d be given a multi season tease until Fear eventually caught up. The way they’ve done this seems like the laziest way to do it. Which for The Walking Dead lately, well it shouldn’t surprise me.