Life Update


I haven’t even thought about this site for a month. My daily writing plan fell by the wayside far quicker than I intended when it came to maintaining this so it’s about a time I least did an update.

Forces pre-orders were a little higher than I thought which is exciting. Sadly getting people to read it isn’t quite so easy so I’ll need to start nagging so I can get reviews on Amazon. Annoyingly anyone I thanked in the book for reading it prior to release can’t leave a review because Amazon assumes it a conflict of interest. real helpful there, Amazon – thanks!

Now I need to start advertising it. Facebook and Twitter offer ways to do this so I need to look into it. It’s just finding the time.

I thought leaving Eurostar (I can name the company now I’ve left( would give me more free time but its been the opposite so far.

Forces 2 is about 30,000 words in and going well. My other book The Cottage at the Bottom of the Hill is nearing the 8000 word mark and this is the one I need to focus on. I’ve realised that submitting the first in a six part book series to agents isn’t the brightest idea considering I’m an unknown. Cottage could easily be a one and done story so I think that’s the way to go. Plus I’m pretty excited by this story. It’s one of those that starts as one idea and just develops into something way more than I thought it could. Story wise, it’s Cottage that’s my focus at the moment.

NAC is making progress too. We now have the camera, the mac, the mic, the editing software. That’s all we need for now to make the video’s look and sound great. Hopefully the first podcast will be up in the next couple of weeks. Until then you can check out my Blu-Ray collection videos and a few movie reviews. Yes, I saw The Emoji Movie. Yes, I died a little inside.

On top of all this is the weddings and events business, Brightside Entertainment which we’re officially launching next month. We had to take a 10 hour round trip to Birmingham to view a magic mirror that will cost us £7000 but after seeing it, it’s worth it. It’s also worth the 10 hour round trip to go pick it up once they’ve made it.

Look at it! Available for higher from September!

Right, back to editing movie reviews and writing about a green spider filled tunnel.