RIP Bert

Our hamster, Bert, died last night. What a little legend he was. I hear people say that they don’t understand how people can be sad about a hamster dying and to those people I say- piss off.

Bert was a rescue hamster that we found December 2015 in a local pet store. We had no intention of coming out of there with an animal but as soon as Mel and I saw him we instantly had to have him. Greatest decision we could have made. Bert didn’t act like a normal hamster, at least none I’ve had before. He never bit, he’d actually gently put his teeth on one of our fingers to tell whether he was biting food or a human as if he was being careful not to hurt us. He’d happily sit in our hand and eat melon, have a clean or just chill out. He’d sit in our laps like a cat and give a content clucking sound whenever he was stroked- which by the way he loved right behind his ears. As he got older, he would happily drift off to sleep on us or sit by our legs under the bed covers until we were about to fall asleep and had to put him back in his bedroom.

bert hamster montage

It didn’t take long for him to become part of the family after we got him (and yes, hamsters can totally be as important as family or any other animal that people deem worthy of being classed as that). He just had such a great personality about him. He had favourite places that he would like to sit, such as down the corner of the sofa that has been chewed apart by him or between the pillows on the bed. We’d always have to take him out of the latter one though as he had a habit of falling down the back of the bed where it was nigh on impossible to get him until he decided it was time for some food or he got bored. He even had a little tent that he would sit in.

He’d not been well the last few days. He was fast approaching 3 years old which for a hamster is well past the ‘I just got a bus pass’ age. He’d been sluggish, he’d started to feel cold and it was clear he didn’t have long left. It was almost as if he was trying to hang on because he didn’t want to leave us (which may be a bit of a stretch but its what I like to think). Yesterday evening, Mel and I both separately said to him that if he needed to go he could and that we’d be OK, admittedly being a hamster he probably didn’t have a clue what we were saying but I like to think he understood. It seemed like he did though, within a couple of hours he had passed away whilst wrapped up in wool and the duvet on the bed. RIP Bert, you’re already missed.