Ranking the Arrowverse #10

10. Supergirl: Season 1

Supergirl started well with a strong first episode that showed a ton of promise. Sadly that promise was barely on display for the rest of the year with the seasons best episode being one that relied on a crossover with The Flash.

Now, it’s not that anything about the shows debut season was terrible. Instead it just sort of meanders through each episode without really making much of an impact. The cast is strong but here it’s like they don’t really know what to do with the majority of them. Melissa Benoist is excellent as the titular character even if she struggles to convey anger in a credible way whenever a scene calls for it, thankfully this was no longer a problem in its sophomore year. Alex too is another highlight even if she isn’t served as well as she would be in the future.

supergiel season 1

Winn and James Olsen appear to exist purely to pine after Kara, neither of them offer up a great deal when it comes to being characters than can be invested in. For Winn this does  get better the following year, for James however it actually gets even worse. I can take or leave J’onn, he has flashes of brilliance and he has a superb backstory but David Harewood never really really feels like he has truly settled into the role. Then there’s Cat Grant who has the ability to be both the best and worst thing about the whole year. There are times when she delivers some truly exceptional lines and delivers great humour, but the focus on Catco above seemingly everything else often feels more irritating than it does compelling.

The DEO didn’t really work here either. The best moments this season involved Supergirl just being Supergirl. Flying around the city with joy and excitement whilst saving people who needed her help. Having her in this organisation hampered that, allowed her to be too bogged down with the bigger picture to go out and enjoy having her powers. The show really suffered because of that.

supergirl cat grant

And then there’s the villains. Now the Arrowverse isn’t known for having the most complex foes, more often than not they are there to service a need for villainy rather than being interesting in their own right. Never is that more apparent than here. Whilst the main villain for the season is fine (and nothing more) the weekly rotation of bad guys are just so forgettable. That’s even true when they are directly linked to the main characters as was the case with Winn one week and Cat early on. There are admittedly a couple of exceptions but on the whole it was very weak.

Perhaps the worst thing the whole season did though was too rely way too much on the romance. Kara liked James but he was involved with Lucy Lane. James in turn liked Kara but was trying to make it work with Lucy. Winn liked Kara but she liked James and so on. It was too much. It also sucked so much life out of the show that the writers almost immediately disregarded it all when the second season started up.

Truthfully the whole season is just there. It doesn’t feel like its doing anything different or adding anything especially awesome to the already busy table. I never hated watching it, but there was barely a moment throughout all 19 episodes that I thought about once the end credits rolled. For that reason it deserves its low placement on the list.

In other news! 

xbox scorpio

It’s E3 time! Back in the website running days, this was a time of panic and speedy article writing. Now i can just kick back and enjoy, whilst also worrying about where on earth I’m going to find the money to buy all this awesome stuff. Microsoft’s presentation kicks off in just under an hour where we’ll find out all the details about the Scorpio that we’ve been waiting for since this time last year. Please be good.