Monday’s are a day when I just know that I won’t get any writing done, no this blog doesn’t count. The Monday blues are indeed a thing and I’m sure I suffer with it more than most, so much so that from about 5pm on a Sunday, all I’m doing is dreading the fact that in the morning I’m going to have to go to work. Yes, this means I’m in a job I don’t enjoy, and no I’m not staying. Now today is over, there’s only 9 more Monday’s left at this current job before I venture out into the unknown. As for what that brings, well hopefully it will mean I can have a real crack at this whole writing thing, with a novel already completed (and a second on the way) and a short story already finished, I’ve made a head start, now I need to really knuckle down with it.


Forces update! The editor has nearly finished, which means I should be able to get it out there sooner than the late August date I had in mind. Considering I had changed my plans to release the first and second books fairly close together, this means I need to really get cracking on the second. 22,000 words down, at least another 60,000 to go. Must. Focus.

As well as that, several people have now read The Jump, the short story I’ve just finished. All positive responses, which is awesome. The plan for that one is still to put it online for free, maybe even on here.

On a separate note. How useless are Amazon logistics? I joked on Twitter that if I say it’s them who are delivering it, I can assume it won’t be here on time, but really that isn’t a joke, it’s true. It’s a good job that being a prime member has other benefits, because next day delivery isn’t something they can guarantee when they use such a unreliable company to deliver.