Thoughts on the Supernatural Finale

Heads up, if you’ve found your way here and you haven’t yet watched the finale for season 12 of Supernatural, you may want to stop reading. If you have, do continue!

I love Supernatural, have done since its second season. But, it’s a show that I find hard to really invest in, because despite the stakes usually being pretty high, the deaths on the show have never really been handled overly well. Obviously with a show in this genre, you expect a death or two to be taken back, or you expect to see someone occasionally after their character has been offed, to say this show has overdone that would be an understatement. In recent years, the only two that I can think of that haven’t returned in some form after dying are Rufus and Charlie. Sure, he showed up in a flashback last year but that’s fine, and a much better way of bringing someone people love back into play for an episode. As for Charlie, as sad as her death was, it didn’t really have any impact on me, I felt sure it would be cheated somehow, or she would be back as a quirky ghost to help the Winchesters out. That hasn’t actually happened yet but the point is, deaths on this show have lost the sense of finality that they need to really make me feel for what I’m seeing on screen


So, when this latest episode aired and killed off the long time characters of Castiel and Crowley, I was shocked certainly, but I wasn’t upset about it. There’s nothing to convince me that either one will be a sticking point by the time season 13 comes round, not least because it would be a really tiny panel at comic con this year. Furthering my doubts that these deaths will stick is the fact that there have been no interviews (that I have seen) by anyone in the show about it. Castiel and Crowley have been a huge part of this show for years now, I don’t believe for one second that they would be killed off without a word from anyone about it after it aired.

Which likely means that both characters will be back in some form when the show comes back. For me though, I don’t want them to be. I adore both characters, but it really feels like this is a great time to move forward, bring in one or two new regulars, or even just go back to this being a show about Sam and Dean. If the show really is going to end with an abbreviated 14th season, it would be a good time to go back to basics a bit. Plus, as much as I love him, and Mischa Collins, it really does feel like the character of Castiel has run his course. There’s been so many variations of the character over the years, so many tired excuses to get him away from the brothers and off on his own, I’d miss him if he was gone but I am leaning towards it being for the best. I’m a bit torn on Crowley, out of the two it’s definitely him that still has the most to offer, but sacrificing himself to kill Lucifer? That’s as perfect a way to write him out as there even can be.

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But as I say, I have no doubt that they will both be back next season, and Supernatural will continue its trend of not making a death mean anything. I hope I’m wrong, I hope the show shows that it has the balls to follow through on something like this. It would certainly cause me to become a little more invested in it again.