Short Stories

When I first started writing, I was never keen on the idea of attempting a short story. I didn’t think it was enough time to develop a character and produce something that a reader could invest in. I was wrong. Although, I did see a short story contest with a maximum word count of 850 words, that I personally don’t feel is nearly enough.

I’ve just finished a second draft on my on one, just under 4000 words and I’m surprised how much I was able to get in there. I didn’t go through with a few ideas that I was hoping to include but honestly, I think it may be for the best. I have an idea of how to adapt the story into another medium anyway, they can be used then. The whole process is actually more rewarding than finishing a whole normal length novel for me, admittedly though that may be because it’s a heck of a lot easier to read back over. I’ve gone from not being interested in short stories, to wanting to write a ton more of them, slightly worrying considering I have 4 and a half more Forces novels to write.

agents shield
That guy at the front, he has a shotgun axe. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

On a separate note, Agents of SHIELD! The finale for it’s latest run just aired and wow, I instantly want to rewatch the whole thing. Chances are you don’t watch this show, it’s hard to find people that stuck with it through its (admittedly mediocre) first run of episodes. My advice? Try again. The show was held back creatively thanks to a pesky superhero called Captain America. They were restricted heavily with what they were allowed to do until the midway point of its first season, as soon as Winter Soldier came out, they went for it. Each season has been better than the last and its latest fourth run (it’s coming back for a fifth) was truly special. Incredible storytelling, incredible writing, truly one of the best seasons of a show this 2016/17 season. Do yourself a favour, catch up in time for the next run, likely starting In January, and watch the best show you’re not watching.