While The Cat’s Away….

The mouse will watch Titanic.

Gone are the days where the girlfriend being away equalled a night out with the lads. Now I’m in thirty-three, and I don’t drink, the best I can do is a takeaway and a movie with the volume turned up. This is excitement in your thirties, well my thirties at least. Oh, I can’t even have a takeaway, due to my need to at least lose a bit of weight, mixed with my ability to eat a lot of food. Awesome.

I probably should address Titanic. It seems to be the in thing to do now, slating that movie, as if it’s somehow “cool” not to like it. The funny thing is, when it came out, I barely found anyone that disliked it. For me, it’s easily my second favourite movie of all time (something truly special has to come along to beat Con Air) and I’ll never understand the dislike for it. I can see it’s flaws, it does have some, but as a whole it’s such a beautifully shot, scored, acted and directed movie that I have no shame in loving it.

Rounding out my top 5 by the way are Donnie Darko, Whiplash and Armageddon. For me, all I really want from a movie is to enjoy myself, regardless of how many issues the film has. Armageddon is a great example of that. It makes little sense, it’s got some awful dialogue, but I don’t give a shit, every time I watch it, I have a great time. I’ll take something like that over things like The Artist or La La Land any day.

And to those who say Titanic is a rubbish film, but bang on about how great La La Land was, how many awards did Titanic win? A bucket load.

Just to add to this a little, I didn’t hate La La Land, I was just very bored throughout it. It’s very much like films such as Birdman and The Artist, apparently universally loved, yet I couldn’t see the appeal. I don’t think any less of people that do enjoy them though, the beauty of movies is that they appeal to different people for different reasons. Not everyone has to like the same thing, something internet comment sections seem to regularly forget.

Unless you like things like Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans, then you quite clearly are a dick.