Football, Lemony Snicket and Eurovision.

Being a football fan (or soccer fan to those of you who decided to change the name) can be a tough, heartbreaking ride. Especially if you are not a fan of a club who has seen their success ride alongside financial investment.
A lot of my friends are Arsenal fans, all season long, all I’ve seen is moaning, despite this club being a contender for so many years now. To Arsenal fans I say this, try supporting someone like Crystal Palace, then you’ll have something to moan about.

crystal palace

We seem to be a team that enjoy self destructing. This season alone, despite battling relegation, we have beaten so many top tier teams. We won 2-1 against Liverpool, how did we celebrate that? By losing the next three matches and conceding 8 goals in the process. It’s like the players enjoy leaving things to the last minute when it comes to guaranteed survival. We always do this. We gain momentum, then we instantly lose it and tumble down the table. Still at least we’re safe for another year, hopefully we can spend some money over the summer and actually get consistent good results next season. I just hope that the players and our manager Sam Allardyce aren’t forgetting that this match against Hull didn’t need to be vital, we should have been safe weeks ago.

Now that the football is out the way, the rest of the day will be writing whilst catching up on TV. Finally finished Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’ Good for the most part, but largely repetitive to the point of annoyance. Unlike most shows on Netflix, this is one that I actually thinks benefits from not being binge watched. I haven’t read the books it’s based on, but it seems the repeated stories are a side effect from staying faithful to them, at least from what I’ve seen discussed online. If you’re a fan of the books, I’d love to know if they’re the same.

Next up, ‘Bloodline‘. I loved the first season but for some reason never started season 2. With the final run about to be released, it seems like a good time.

Oh and an update on yesterday. Yes, I did have to watch Eurovision, no I didn’t enjoy it. Although saying that, the yodel song was definitely an experience I’m glad I witnessed.

As was this genius from Croatia.

And our contestant was actually good!

Those three things were literally the only things I didn’t hate. Oh and Ireland, what the hell?