Lazy Saturday

So, Mel was laid up all last week with what seemed like mild flu. I did the dutiful boyfriend thing, looked after her, searched everywhere for the only lemsip she’ll drink (apple and cinnamon) and provided legitimate care and sympathy. My reward? I have what I think is about to develop into mild flu. Awesome. That does mean a lazy Saturday is in order though! The plan for the day is movies, followed by Britain’s Got Talent (yeah, I like that show) and then maybe another movie. Unless I’m forced to watch The Eurovision Song Contest, in which case, shit.

blu ray collection
It’s grown more since this was taken

For those who don’t know, I have quite the Blu-Ray obsession. I’ve soared past the point though where watching them all is a quick thing, there’s so many here I haven’t got around to watching yet. So we’re doing an A-Z, watching them over time until we’ve seen them all, without skipping any that we haven’t both seen. Today we’re a few titles into the B’s, which has meant that on today’s agenda is The Big Lebowski and The Big Short.

big lebowski short blu

The Big Lewbowski I thought I’d seen, years ago, but watching it now makes me think otherwise. I’m actually a little disappointed with past Joe for never doing so. It’s rare to come across a film that feels so unique, that feels so much like it’s own thing, it’s refreshing. Brilliant performances too throughout. It’s the best I’ve seen John Goodman, which considering how incredible he was in 10 Cloverfield Lane is saying something, and of all the performances I’ve seen of Jeff Bridges, it’s this that seems like the role he was put on the planet to play.

As for The Big Short, this was one that I had seen before and I didn’t really like it all that much. I’ve heard so many good things about it since that I’m starting to think I either wasn’t in the right mindset when I watched it, or I didn’t pay enough attention. It was worth another watch. And it turns out, I enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. I still don’t think it’s an exceptional movie, but then I find quite often that he movies that get nominated for all the awards are the ones I don’t really care for, I’m looking at you La La Land.

After these, we skip through Black Hawk Down (Brilliant), Black Mass (Average) and Black Sheep (Good) and then we get to the Blade Trilogy. These I have seen but Mel hasn’t, we’ll watch the first and then it’s up to her whether we watch the sequels. If she doesn’t want to I may watch them on my own, I’m curious as to whether Trinity really is as awful as I remember. After that, Blade Runner. My excitement levels at watching that again are set to high.

I’m also debating doing one of those YouTube video’s where I go through the collection. If enough people ask, I’ll get around to it. May involve setting an entire day aside though.

Oh and on a Forces note, book 2 is currently up to the 18000 word mark. This will mean little to almost everyone as the first still isn’t out yet, but at least there’s progress.

Happy weekend to everyone, I hope you all evade the flu bug!