Forces Update

I’ve had several┬ápeople asking when Forces is going to be released, which is lovely, though frustrating as I had aimed to have released it by April. So, why the delay?

Well first up is the editing process. I have an editor, but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to get to the book as quickly as we both would have liked. Not his fault, life happens, but it means that I’m now looking at a summer 2017 release. It’s slightly annoying as the book itself was finished back in February, but it is what it is. Can’t be helped. By the way if you want to read the first four chapters, unedited, so no need to point out typo’s, click here!

I’m also hard at work on the second book, Forces: The Cult of 5 is the working title, I quite like it so it will likely be released as such. It has made me think that maybe it would be better to release the two in a short window, rather than put the first out there before the second is complete. I don’t know, making decisions is normally an arduous process with me.