Writing For Nobody

Starting a blog is a tad strange!

For starters, nobody is going to be reading this, and if they do, it will be quite some time after it was written. Eventually I’ll start using the blog to share updates on Forces and any other projects I’m working on but currently, only a handful of people know what Forces is.

It’s actually kind of liberating though, if nobody is reading, I can state some opinions that could be deemed unpopular should others stumble upon this site. Such as:

  • The Sopranos is a dull meandering show, despite its stellar cast.
  • Even though it’s pretty awful now, Neighbours is the greatest soap opera the world has seen.
  • Adam West is the best Batman.
  • The Doctor should never be female in Doctor Who. (I feel that if this one gets picked up on, I may need to elaborate as to why in the future. It’s for non sexist reasons, I promise.)

I’ll stop at four things, but as much as I want people to find this site, it is freeing just posting what I want without fear of repercussions.

I feel this needed a picture, so I’ve randomly included my favourite shot of our hamster, Bert.

But it’s funny, writing for nobody is what I’ve been doing for the past year. Forces is my first book, there wasn’t anyone waiting for it or swaying my thought process whilst I was writing it (of which I hope there will be for the second book in the series) so I should be used to it.

Speaking of Forces, you can check out chapters 1-4 now, for free, by clicking the link to it at the top of the page. If you like what you read, let me know. Oh and of course, buy the book, I can all but guarantee it’s a story that doesn’t go the way you would expect it to.

I’ll continue posting these every couple of days,  expect random thoughts on anything and everything, as well as updates on the book. Thanks for reading…. nobody.